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Service Unlikely to Resume on Fleet Street Until Reconstruction Complete

Although no official word has come from the TTC, that we’ve heard, it appears that streetcar service on Fleet Street is at an end for the next two months. The temporary looping arrangements of 509 Harbourfront to Wolseley and 511 Bathurst to Queens Quay and Spadina have been done away with, and the two routes have been combined, providing direct service between Bathurst station and Union, to the benefit of those living on Queens Quay between Bathurst and Spadina, who now have more service to Union Station, and an option to head north on Bathurst, transfer free.

Shuttle buses continue to ply Queens Quay and Fleet Street from Spadina to Exhibition Loop, and this is likely to continue until early this summer. The planned reconstruction of the tracks on Fleet Street in May will replace the dilapidated trackage with smooth, well-built private right-of-way, and fast moving streetcars once the service is restored.