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Police Investigation Disrupts Morning Commute

The discovery of a slain man in a subway car at 1:40 a.m. forced the closure of the east end of the Toronto subway while police investigated the murder. This slaying has been thoroughly covered by the local news media, and You can view the CBC’s report here.

Victoria Park and Kennedy stations were closed as the police investigated both the initial crime scene (at Victoria Park) and the subway car where the body was discovered (at Kennedy). Kennedy station remained closed until 9 a.m. until police granted permission for the car to be moved into the tailtracks where the investigation could continue. Victoria Park remained closed until 4 p.m. Subway trains turned back at Warden and passed through Victoria Park station without stopping.

Although the TTC could not have avoided the shutdown while the police performed their investigations, a number of commuters have complained about the TTC’s inadequate response in notifying them of the disruption, which exacerbated the confusing shuttle arrangements. Blog TO speaks about this in more detail:

The TTC closed Victoria Park Station and Kennedy Station, but left Warden Station (which falls between the two closed stations) open. Riders who needed to catch a bus from Vic Park were advised to leave the train at Main Street; riders who needed to get to Kennedy station to either use buses or the Scarborough Rapid Transit were told to shuttle from Warden to Kennedy.

Shuttle buses operating out of Warden station were unmarked. The direct result of this was that they were also usually uncrowded, because the majority of passengers waiting for a shuttle to Kennedy were unwilling to board an unmarked bus that might or might not be going where they were going. With limited TTC support staff on hand and with shuttle buses operating out of random bus bays, information about where to go and how to get there was scarce on the ground.

Further discussion is going on at BlogTO and at Metroblogging Toronto.

At the time of this writing, the police have finished their investigation, and the subway is operating normally.