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Serious Accident Shuts Down Section of Yonge Subway

A fatal early morning accident involving a maintenance car has shut down the Yonge subway between York Mills and Davisville stations. Shuttle buses are filling the gap, but riders are advised to take the Spadina subway as an alternate, if they can.

In the early morning hours, three workers were nearing the end of their shift removing asbestos from the tunnel wall near an emergency exit at Lytton Boulevard, sorth of Lawrence station. Reports suggest that the maintenance car collided with something on the side of the tunnel wall, killing one worker and injuring the other two. As yet, the TTC has not reported on the cause of the accident. Damage to the tunnel has been called “extensive”, and TTC interim Chief General Manager advises that this section of the Yonge subway could be closed for the rest of the day, as investigations and repairs continue.

The Toronto Star has more details on this accident, as does the CBC. Continue to consult local media for further updates, and leave yourself a lot of time to finish your commute today.

(Update: 12:20 p.m.): Adam Giambrone reports that while the accident scene is a mess, cables were damaged as opposed to the tunnel. The workers were driving a subway work train with an open flatbed car component containing scaffolding units. Somehow one of the scaffolding units became dislodged and crashed into the work train’s cab, killing the driver.

Our thoughts go to the friends and family of the killed worker and we pray for the speedy recovery of his injured co-workers.

(Update: 3:46 p.m.): A reader informs me that service was restored between Davisville and Eglinton stations at the end of the morning rush hour, using the scissors crossover to the south of the station. This gives commuters coming from downtown access to Eglinton’s bus terminal, although shuttle buses continue to run between York Mills and Eglinton stations.

(Update: 7:52 p.m.): CTV news reports that the TTC may not restore subway service until after tomorrow morning’s commute. The TTC has announced that it will issue a media release at 5 a.m. tomorrow to update commuters on the status of Yonge subway service.