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King and Fleet diversions end


citytv News reports that King Street is now open between Bay and York Streets and that streetcars on the 503 Kingston Road tripper, 504 King and 508 Lake Shore routes have returned to their regular service.


Emergency track repairs have ended along Fleet Street between Bathurst Street and the Exhibitibion (East) Loop and normal TTC service resumed this morning.

Streetcars on the 511 Bathurst route are again travelling west along Fleet Street to the Exhibition. 509 Harbourfront streetcars are again operating along their regular route from Union Station, through the Bay Street tunnel and then along Queens Quay West, Bathurst Street and Fleet Street to the Exhibition.

This morning only, the TTC will also continue its 509 Harbourfront replacement bus service along Bay Street, Queens Quay West, Bathurst Street, Lake Shore Boulevard West, Fort York Boulevard and Fleet Street to the Exhibition. This will avoid confusing passengers who have become used to boarding buses on the street at Union Station instead of proceeding to the underground streetcar platform.

In restoring 509 Harbourfront streetcar service, the TTC will begin its usual summer service increase along the route.

It will improve service on weekdays from every 7 minutes to every 6 minutes 20 seconds during the midday, and from every 10 minutes to every 8 minutes 40 seconds during the late evening.

On Saturdays, it will improve service from every 7 minutes 30 seconds to every 6 minutes 30 seconds during the afternoons and from every 9 minutes to every 7 minutes 45 seconds during the early evening.

On Sundays and holidays, it will improve service from every 9 minutes to every 8 minutes during the afternoons and from every 10 minutes to every 8 minutes 40 seconds during the early evening.

The TTC’s summer weekend Harbourfront fare collection procedure will now apply to the 509 Harbourfront route and will no longer apply to the 511 Bathurst route. The TTC uses this procedure on weekends and holidays from May to Labour Day to speed boarding at busy stops at busy times.

Passengers boarding streetcars at the eastbound stops on Queens Quay at Bathurst and Portland Streets, Lower Spadina Avenue, Rees, Simcoe, and York Streets and at the northbound platform at Queens Quay Station can enter the streetcars through any door, do not have to pay a fare and will not receive a transfer. Instead, passengers boarding streetcars at these stops will pay their fares when they leave the streetcar loop at Union Station.

The TTC will use normal pay-as-you-enter fare collection and transfer-issuing procedures at all other stops on the 509 Harbourfront and 510 Spadina routes. From Monday to Friday during the summer, and seven days a week after Labour Day, passengers will pay as they enter at all stops.

Also this morning, buses on the 6 Bay route began diverting along Yonge around the ongoing streetcar reconstruction project at Bay and Dundas. The diversion will continue throughout the long weekend, ending at 5 a.m. on Tuesday, May 22.

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