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TTC diverts streetcars and buses at St. Clair West Station

Starting Sunday, June 3, the TTC will begin to reconstruct the streetcar tracks and upgrade the underground bus loop at St. Clair West Station.

Streetcars and buses will bypass the Station during this construction project, which will continue until September.

Streetcars on the 512 St. Clair route will continue to serve all stops on the route between Gunn’s Road (Keele) and St. Clair Station, except the stops inside St. Clair West Station. Passengers can transfer between streetcars and 1 Yonge-University-Spadina subway trains at the streetcar stops at Tweedsmuir Avenue and Bathurst Street.

Buses serving all branches of the 90 Vaughan route will divert to Bathurst Station along Vaughan Road and Bathurst Street during the construction. Buses on all branches of the 7 Bathurst route will also serve Bathurst Station, including buses on the 7A branch, which usually operates between Wilson and St. Clair West Stations.

Buses on the 33 Forest Hill and 126 Christie routes will operate to curbside stops on St. Clair Avenue West during the construction. The TTC interlines these two routes during the daytime from Monday to Friday. (“Interlining” means that buses may serve two or more routes with common terminals during a single trip. In the case of the 33 Forest Hill and 126 Christie interlining, a northbound bus may begin its trip at Christie Station on the 126 route, proceed to the stops on St. Clair at St. Clair West Station and then continue along the 33 Forest Hill route to the end of that route at Spadina Road and Eglinton Avenue West. Southbound buses would reverse this process.)

Since the TTC does not operate buses on the 33 Forest Hill route on weekday evenings and weekends, buses on the 126 Christie route will also operate to Bathurst Station during those times. Buses will follow their regular route to St. Clair and Vaughan, then proceed along Vaughan and Bathurst to Bathurst Station.

The construction project will not affect service on the overnight 312 St. Clair bus route.

Customers who pay fares by ticket, token or cash and who wish to transfer between the subway and streetcars and buses at St. Clair West Station will require paper transfers during this construction project.