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Construction on Mortimer Avenue diverts bus service

The City of Toronto began a project to replace watermains along Mortimer Avenue yesterday, Monday, August 27.

The TTC will divert buses on the 62 Mortimer route during the project, which will last for approximately eight weeks. This week, during the first phase of the project at the intersection of Broadview and Mortimer Avenues, westbound buses will follow their regular route to Mortimer and Pape Avenues, and then divert northward along Pape, westward along Westwood Avenue and southward along Broadview, resuming their regular route at Broadview and Mortimer. Eastbound buses will not detour during this phase of the project. Buses will detour Mondays to Fridays only between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Map of the detour