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Torontoist Improves TTC Service Cut Survey

Leave it to transit fans to improve upon the work the TTC does. Disappointed with what they saw as the inadequacies of the TTC’s recently released survey on potential service cuts, the folks at Torontoist have compiled one of their own that polls passengers in more depth. Do you favour increasing property taxes to better fund the TTC? Do you favour increasing fares, or the provincial contributions to the TTC? If higher fares meant more service, how high would you be willing to see fares go? Ten cents? Twenty-five cents? A dollar?

Or do you favour service cuts, and If so, what bus routes do you think should be cut?

As the folks at Torontoist say, this survey only becomes useful if a lot of people participate and share their honest thoughts. So please take a moment to visit Torontoist and fill out their survey.