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Scarborough RT closed on Sundays until November 25

Starting this Sunday, October 14, the TTC will close the 3 Scarborough rapid transit line every Sunday for “signal maintenance”.

The TTC will offer RT passengers express shuttle bus service between Scarborough Centre and Kennedy Stations while the RT is closed. Southbound shuttle buses will operate from Scarborough Centre Station eastward along Triton Road, southward along McCowan Road, westward along Ellesmere Road, southward along Midland Avenue and westward along Eglinton Avenue East to Kennedy Station. The buses will stop only at McCowan and Bushby Drive (replacing McCowan Station), Ellesmere and Midland (replacing Ellesmere and Midland Stations) and Midland and Lawrence Avenue East, replacing Lawrence East Station. Northbound buses reverse this routing.

The TTC has already reduced service hours on the RT. The RT closes early each evening around midnight for other maintenance work. The TTC also replaces the RT with express shuttle buses along Midland Avenue and Ellesmere Road late each night.

Whenever the RT is closed, buses on the 54 Lawrence East route remain on Lawrence Avenue East and do not enter Lawrence East Station.

The late evening and all-day Sunday closures will continue into November. On Sunday, November 25 the RT will resume its regular seven-days-a-week schedule and trains will again run after midnight.