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Fan-Run Subway Architecture and Wayfinding Tour this Sunday

Joe Clark, the Toronto design consultant who has been spearheading a campaign to preserve the signage history of the TTC and improve its current wayfinding system, is organizing a tour of key stations in the Toronto subway network to highlight what he has been talking about.

To join this informal tour, you need only pay your TTC fare and show up at the ground level of Victoria Park station sharp at 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 28. The group will visit the six stations along the Bloor-Danforth subway line. From Clark’s website:

  1. Victoria Park for its bus bays (scheduled for demolition)
  2. Main Street as a microcosm or musem of nearly every TTC sign variant
  3. Pape for its upcoming “modernization”
  4. St. George because it’s a laboratory of successful (and failed) signage experiments
  5. Spadina for the “artificial stone” at the Walmer Rd. exit
  6. Bathurst to test the new signs (can you take a streetcar westbound from there?)

Depending on how this tour goes, Clark may repeat this tour the following weekend focusing on the Sheppard, Yonge and Spadina lines.