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TTC revises bus service on St. Clair

The TTC is continuing its project to reconstruct the bus and streetcar loop inside St. Clair West Station. Yesterday, Monday, November 12, the TTC revised the routes of some of the buses operating to the Station.

7A Bathurst: Buses from Wilson Station continue to operate to Bathurst Station instead of St. Clair West Station.

33 Forest Hill: Buses continue to end their routes at St. Clair West Station, but don’t enter the Station.

90 Vaughan: Southbound buses continue to operate along their regular route to Vaughan Road and Kenwood Avenue, then detour northward along Kenwood, eastward along Claxton Boulevard, southward along Bathurst Street, eastward along Tichester Road and Heath Street West, southward along Spadina Road and then westward along St. Clair Avenue West to Tweedsmuir Avenue. Northbound buses operate along their regular route.

126 Christie: Buses operate to St. Clair West Station at all times.

512 St. Clair: Streetcars continue to operate between Oakwood Loop and St. Clair Station (at Yonge Street). However, yesterday, the TTC extended the route of buses that replace streetcar service west of Oakwood Avenue. Buses now operate between Gunn’s Loop (at St. Clair Avenue West and Gunn’s Road, west of Keele Street) and Tweesdmuir Avenue, serving curbside stops along St. Clair. Buses loop northward along Tweedsmuir, eastward along Heath Street West and southward along Spadina Road before returning westward along St. Clair to Gunn’s Loop. Use on-street stops at Tweedsmuir or Bathurst Stree if you want to transfer between the 1 Yonge-University-Spadina subway and 512 St. Clair buses or streetcars. Use stops at Bathurst, Vaughan Road or Christie Street if you want to transfer between 512 St. Clair buses and streetcars.


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