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Railway track construction in Richmond Hill affects transit

York Region Transit will detour buses around railway track construction on Elgin Mills Road near Newkirk Road on Wednesday and Thursday, November 28 and 29.

The construction affects buses operating on the 86 Weldrick-Newkirk and 90 Leslie South routes.

90 Leslie South: Southbound buses operate along their regular route to Elgin Mills Road and Yonge Street, then detour southward along Yonge, eastward along Crosby Avenue, and then northward along Newkirk Road to Elgin Mills, resuming their regular route eastward along Elgin Mills. Northbound buses reverse this routing.

86 Weldrick-Newkirk: Southbound buses operate along their regular route to Yorkland Street and Elgin Mills Road, then detour westward along Elgin Mills, southward along Yonge Street, eastward along Crosby Avenue to Newkirk Road, resuming their regular route southward along Newkirk. Northbound buses operate along their regular route to Newkirk and Crosby, then detour westward along Crosby and then northward along Yonge to Elgin Mills, where the buses resume their regular route northward along Yonge.