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Rider Forum to Fix the 501 on for Tuesday Night

The Rocket Riders group of transit activists will be hosting a forum this Tuesday, inviting riders to discuss ideas on how to improve the reliability of service on the 501 Queen streetcar. The event is being sponsored by the Toronto Environmental Alliance and the Sierra Club.

From the Rocket Riders’ press release:

The `Fix the 501’ forum will examine rider concerns and seek solutions for the troubled Queen line, the backbone of transit service in the south end of the City. The meeting will tend to have a focus on operations as well as some planning issues. More short term, rather than capital heavy solutions.

I will be there to speak before the audience, and longtime activist Steve Munro will offer suggestions for the TTC to consider to bring relief for the riders of this beleaguered route. TTC Chairman Adam Giambrone will be there to speak and hear rider suggestions, as will the TTC’s head of service planning, Mitch Stambler. After some time for opening statements, the meeting will be opened for questions and comments from the audience.

It all takes place at Metro Hall at the corner of King and John Streets, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., in room 310, and is open to all.