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TTC Weathering Winter Storm?

We are getting report from Transit Toronto readers and from transit riders that, despite the onslaught of the most significant winter storm since the infamous Storm of ‘99, traffic and transit continue to move. We can’t speak to how well the surface transit is keeping to schedule, but we have no reports of major disruptions, or of any disruption on the subway lines.

It remains to be seen if this calm in the face of the storm will remain into the Monday morning rush hour. It appears, though, that most people have hunkered down and are taking a well deserved snow day today. This may be a wise attitude to take tomorrow, as southern Ontario continues to dig out from this storm. Take the day off, if you can, and leave yourself plenty of time on your commute if you can’t.

We will continue to monitor the weather and transit reports and will try to notify you of any disruptions as they occur.

(Update: 9:30 p.m.): Looks like we spoke too soon, or possibly even jinxed things. The TTC is reporting that “a section of the Scarborough RT” is now down, as is subway service between Victoria Park and Warden stations. Shuttle buses are being used and are, of course, being overwhelmed. For further details, please consult the TTC’s advisory page.