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Burlington Transit revises service, December 30

Starting Sunday, December 30, Burlington Transit will change its routes and services to better serve its passengers.

It will: increase service hours of current routes; revise current routes; and adjust schedules of current routes.

The changes affect these routes: 1 Fairview-Plains, 6 Headon Forest, 7 Tyandaga, 10 New-Maple, 11 Appleby, 12 Upper Middle, 15 Walkers.

Increase service hours of current routes

1 Fairview-Plains: Starting Sunday, December 30, Burlington Transit will offer passengers earlier morning service on this route between Downtown Hamilton and the Appleby and Burlington GO Stations. Buses will begin to travel towards Hamilton at 5:35 a.m. Mondays to Fridays, 7 a.m. on Saturday and 7:46 a.m. on Sundays. The buses will also operate to the Mapleview Centre (mall) and the Aldershot GO Station seven days a week at all times that buses operate on the 1 Fairview-Plains route.

Revise current routes

7 Tyandaga: Starting Monday, December 31, Burlington Transit will make a minor change to the Leighland Road branch of this route. Buses will operate westward along Leighland, southward along Glendor Avenue, eastward along Old Plains Road East and then northward along Helena Street to Leighland, resuming their current route eastward along Leighland. Buses will no longer loop along Treeland and Highland Streets.

Adjust schedules of current routes

11 Appleby:
6 Headon Forest:
10 New-Maple:
12 Upper Middle:
15 Walkers: Starting Sunday, December 30, Burlington Transit will adjust the schedules of these routes to provide passengers with better connections to GO trains and other Burlington Transit routes.