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Government of Canada and City of Brampton kick-start bus rapid transit project

Brampton Transit’s AcceleRide bus rapid transit system moved forward yesterday, Tuesday, January 8, after the Government of Canada formalized its $95 million investment by signing a federal-municipal contribution agreement with the City of Brampton.

Funding AcceleRide is part of the Government’s long-term transportation action plan, which, according to the Government’s media release, it’s now calling FLOW. The FLOW plan will “help reduce traffic congestion, strengthen the economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions” in the Greater Toronto Area.

FLOW consists of key transportation infrastructure projects, including AcceleRide, to “enhance the quality of life for families and help businesses increase efficiency in the GTA by keeping people, traffic and goods FLOWing in the largest metropolitan area in Canada”.

AcceleRide is a bus rapid transit system which will operate along Brampton’s key transportation corridors, linking downtown Brampton to north and west Brampton, Mississauga and the Regional Municipality of York. The key transportation corridors include Queen Street, Main Street, Bovaird Drive and Steeles Avenue.

The federal government is contributing $53 million to the City for the first phase of the bus rapid transit project. The contribution comes from the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund. The Government will provide another $42 million through a memorandum of understanding for the second phase of the project.

The Province of Ontario provided $95 million to Brampton to support this project in 2006. The City of Brampton will be responsible for the remainder of the project costs. Brampton expects to begin building the project in 2008 and expects to complete construction in 2013.

Other transit projects in the FLOW action plan include: