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TTC introduces four more accessible routes

During the recent service changes, which started on Sunday, February 17, the TTC introduced accessible service on four bus routes

All buses operating on the 302 Danforth Rd-McCowan, 54 Lawrence East, 354 Lawrence East (overnight) and 129 McCowan North routes are now wheelchair- and scooter-friendly.

Low-floor or lift-equipped kneeling buses will serve the four routes. You can identify these buses by looking for blue lights on either side of the front destination sign and the blue-and-white stickers with the international wheelchair symbol above the front right bumper beside the front door.

All fully accessible buses include two positions for wheelchairs or scooters. The TTC now has more than 1,150 accessible buses in its fleet. Nearly 65 per cent of the TTC’s bus routes (107 of 167 routes) are now accessible.

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