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New fareboxes in Burlington and Hamilton

Burlington Transit is installing new fareboxes on all of its buses this weekend, from Friday, February 29, until Sunday, March 3. The Hamilton Street Railway installed new fareboxes on its buses starting last Saturday, February 23.

Installing fareboxes on Burlington Transit buses this weekend may affect the availability of accessible buses and Burlington Transit may use non-accessible buses on some trips that schedules indicate as accessible.

If you need an accessible bus in Burlington this weekend, call Burlington Transit’s BusLINE at 905-639-0550 before you leave for your trip to make sure what type of bus is operating on your route. If you are at a bus stop and an accessible bus is not available, notify the driver, who will call transit operations to make alternate arrangements for you.

In Hamilton, the new fareboxes only affect how you use the pass when you board a bus. The new fareboxes do not have scanners to “read” the passes. So, instead of swiping your pass across the card reader at the farebox, simply show the driver your pass when you board.

New fareboxes on both systems will help smooth the process when the systems begin to participate in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton Presto “smart card” fare system.

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