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Snow troubles, GO troubles.

GO Transit is reporting that “Due to a freight train derailment near Georgetown, GO service is cancelled on the Georgetown line until further notice except for 2 trains from Bramalea.”

Also, due to the fact that “GO has no spare equipment and the GO trains are unable to leave Georgetown. As a result, virtually all morning Georgetown line GO trains are cancelled, except for the 2 trains originating at Bramalea (0550 and 0740). Expect crowded conditions on these trains.”

Snowfall has been consistent throughout the night, and the morning rush will be difficult for all modes surface transportation. As noted in an earlier post about the storm, the usual ‘hot spots’ on hills, for example, will likely be troublesome. Fortunately for Toronto, the freezing rain never materialized, the problem currently is the volume of snow.

Update, 5:30am.: GO is now reporting “delays of up to 90 minutes due to weather conditions” on all bus services north of Toronto.

Update, 9:30am.: The following update from GO Transit: “Midday trains operating from Bramalea to Union at 0905, 1015, 1215, 1345 and from Union to Bramalea at 0930, 1130, and 1300 are expected to operate as scheduled.”

Update, 3:30 p.m: Transit Toronto reader Robert Lubinski points out that GO has only cancelled train service. Buses continue to run to Georgetown and Guelph, although some may run later than schedule due to the weather.

Update, March 6, 9:30 a.m.: Trains resumed service today, but passengers should expect delays as trains slow through the derailment site.