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TTC edges closer to strike

According to the Toronto Star the clock continues to tick forwards towards a system-wide transit strike for the TTC. The Star reports that the union representing TTC workers, ATU 113, walked away from the negotiating table last night. According to live on-air reports from 680 News, ATU 113 President, Bob Kinnear, said the reason for walking away from the table was the poor quality of the offers coming from the TTC. The Star reports that a source has told them that the city ‘wants’ the TTC to go on strike, so the city can show strength to other public sector unions when it comes time to negotiate their contracts. Currently, TTC operators make $26.58 an hour, compared to Mississauga’s $26.62. While only a 4 cent difference today, Kinnear points out that Mississauga Transit’s recent contract is for a 4% raise a year, while the city’s last offer was for 2%. Over a 4 year contract, the total difference could add to over $2.35 an hour. With a strike expected as early as March 31st, or April 1st, it’s expected that coverage of this story from all news media sources will increase.