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TTC diverts Prince Edward buses again

Starting on Monday, March 31, the City of Toronto will resume its project to reconstruct Stephen Drive between Berry Road and the Queensway.

The TTC will revise service on the 66 Prince Edward route during the project.

The TTC will divert buses operating on the 66A branch of the route between Old Mill Station and Humber Loop routing) in both directions.

Southbound buses will operate along their regular route to Berry Road and Kinsdale Boulevard, then divert:

south- and westward along Kinsdale;
southward along Park Lawn Road; and then
eastward along the Queensway to Stephen Drive,
resuming their regular southbound route eastward along the Queensway.

Northbound buses reverse this routing.

The project will not affect the routing of buses on the 66D branch which regularly operate between Old Mill Station and Lake Shore Boulevard West along Park Lawn Road.

You can see a map of the revised route here.

The City previously closed Stephen Drive and the TTC diverted buses for the same project, starting on November 5, 2007. It further revised the route on November 26 and the project continued until late December, 2007.