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Monday Strike deadline set? - Globe and Mail

According to the Globe and Mail ATU local 113, has tentatively decided that a system-wide strike will begin effective Monday, April 21st, at 5:30am. While there is still hope for a last minute deal, transit commuters across the region are preparing for the possible effects of a TTC strike.

A system wide strike will shut down all TTC bus, streetcar, and subway service within the city of Toronto. All TTC service contracted to other regions, such as the York Region or Mississauga, will also not operate during a strike. GO Transit, however, will be unaffected and will continue to operate, and may be an alternative for some commuters.

GO trains on all lines run into Union Station in the morning peak, and radiate outward in the PM peak. On the Lakeshore lines, GO service is hourly, minimum, in both directions for most of the day. Those working downtown may be able to use this as an alternative. GO buses also service Union station, but GO buses also have terminals at Scarborough Town Centre, Finch, York Mills, and Yorkdale. It therefore may be possible to travel between Scarborough Town Centre and Finch/York Mills using GO.

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