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Workers Reject Deal. Strike On at Midnight


The photo above is courtesy Photo71. You can join the commentary on this developing story at Spacing’s Wire.

TTC drivers, maintenance workers and ticket collectors voted against the deal reached between ATU Local 113 and TTC management this past Sunday. Workers, upset at “vague language” around job security and contracting out, overwhelmingly rejected the deal (65% against, says the Globe, and a strike has been called for midnight tonight.

The Star is reporting that Bob Kinnear’s leadership may be under fire. Confusion certainly surrounds the situation, and no talks have yet been scheduled between the workers’ representatives and the city.

Keep following local news for further updates. We will follow this story as it develops.

(Update: 12:07 a.m.): From the Star’s TTC Strike Blog: “A news release has just announced that the Ministry of Labour has ordered both sides back to the bargaining table tomorrow afternoon, presumably in the hopes of settling the matter before the Monday morning commute.”

(Update: 1:28 a.m.): It appears that, at David Miller’s request, Dalton McGuinty is working to recall the provincial legislature for a rare Sunday sitting to try and pass back-to-work legislation that would get TTC workers back in their vehicles by Monday morning.

In the meantime, there are isolated reports of some buses being left on the street with their hazards on. Adam Giambrone is at Davisville headquarters to try and get an orderly suspension of service. People are struggling to get home tonight.