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Queen's Park to Sit Sunday to Legislate TTC Back to Work


Photo by Bouke Salverda. Join the commentary at Spacing’s Wire.

Premier McGuinty signed an order-in-council today, arranging for an emergency sitting of the provincial legislature on Sunday. The one topic on the agenda is, of course, the TTC strike. The bill, says McGuinty, will be “clean”, sending the dispute to binding arbitration with no preconditions or special instructions to the arbitrator. This maneuver is seen as a way of stalling any objection to the bill from Howard Hampton’s NDP. The Toronto Star has more details.

Watch this page as we follow this developing story through the weekend.

(Update: 13:00): Steve Munro to ATU Local 113: “Have you lost your mind?!

(Update: 13:08): Intriguingly, there are no notices or press releases available at the ATU Local 113’s website. You can follow up-to-the-minute developments on the Toronto Star’s TTC strike blog.

(Update: 13:40): Those who are attending Toronto FC’s match at the Exhibition will be glad to know that the team has hired a double decker bus to shuttle passengers between the stadium and various downtown pubs. The Toronto Star has more reports on special measures being taken to help Torontonians cope with this strike.

(Update: 14:43): According to Spacing’s Wire, the opposition parties are talking about the Liberal’s back-to-work legislation. They’re not saying that they’ll work to delay it, but they’re careful to show that they’re not lockstep with the Liberals. Hampton, speaking for the NDP, talked about the need to give negotiation another chance to work, while Tory, speaking for the Progressive Conservatives, wanted an “ability-to-pay” clause added to the binding arbitration’s mission statement (as the author of the Spacing post noted, the arbitrator considers management’s ability to pay as a matter of course, so adding such an extra clause is a needless complication).

Toronto Mayor David Miller notes that negotiations are unlikely to be productive given that, from management’s perspective, the union reached a deal, then backtracked. Read more here.

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