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Suburban transit agencies revise services during Toronto transit strike

Update: 7:30 p.m.

GO Transit has added more buses to its services this weekend to help passengers get around during the strike. GO is also advising passengers its buses will not serve the Scarborough Centre terminal during the strike. Buses will pick up and drop off passengers at temporary GO Transit bus stops:

  • on Triton Road between Brimley Road and Borough Drive;

  • on Borough Drive (south side of the Scarborough Civic Centre);

  • on Borough Drive, just south of Town Centre Drive.

Other transit agencies in the Greater Toronto Area are revising their services to help their passengers get around during the surprise Toronto transit workers strike.

Fortunately, for most commuters, the strike began on a Saturday, so it will have lower impact on them. Unfortunately, for commuters looking for alternate travel arrangements, the strike began on a Saturday, when many suburban transit information staff are off-duty.

Transit Toronto’s April 18 post detailed how suburban transit agencies would revise services during a Toronto transit strike.

In addition, GO Transit has re-affirmed its statement from earlier that it would not add more service during a strike because its resources — drivers and vehicles — are already stretched to capacity. York Region Transit ‘s website has announced that its information officers will be on duty today.

TTC buses will not operate on any routes, including routes that extend beyond the Toronto city limits. Local transit agencies will not replace the TTC service with their own buses.

GO Transit and suburban buses will not likely enter terminals on TTC property and drop off and pick up passengers on nearby streets instead. These terminals include Don Mills, Downsview and Islington Stations, Long Branch Loop and the bus loop at Rouge Hill GO Station. Note that the suburban terminal at Finch is a GO Transit terminal, so GO, YRT and Brampton Transit buses would likely continue to start and end their trips there.