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Sunday and holiday service to the Royal Botanical Gardens resumes May 11

Starting Sunday, May 11, the Hamilton Street Railway will resume its seasonal Sunday and holiday 9 Rock Gardens route between downtown Hamilton and the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG).

Buses operate every hour from about 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. every Sunday and holiday until Sunday November 9. The buses carry passengers to Dundurn Castle, Harvey and Hendrie Valley Parks, the RBG’s Rock, Laking (Spring) and Rose Gardens and the RBG headquarters. They also carry passengers to the Hamilton, Woodland and Holy Sepulchre Cemeteries.

Inbound buses — buses heading toward downtown Hamilton — start their trips in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, then proceed:

westward along Spring Gardens Road;
northward along Botanical Drive;
westward along Plains Road West;
southwestward along York Boulevard to Strathcona Street North,
where the buses follow the regular 8 York route to McNab Street South and King Street West.

Outbound buses — buses heading away from downtown Hamilton — follow the regular 8 York route to York Boulevard and Dundurn Street North, then proceed:

northeastward along York;
eastward along Plains Road West;
southward along Botanical Drive;
westward along Spring Gardens Road
circle through Woodland Cemetery; and then
eastward along Spring Gardens Road; and then
circling through Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.

Buses stop only at designated stops, except in Woodland and Holy Sepulchre Cemeteries, where passengers may flag the buses to stop them.

You can see a map and schedule for the 9 Rock Gardens route here.