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By now, you should all be aware that Transit Toronto has its own YouTube channel. If not, go there now! There’s a permanent link to it in the left column, so you’ll always be able to find it.

Although we haven’t posted a new video there in a while, we’re always scouring other channels for Toronto transit related videos to add to our favourites section. So, if you have subscribed to our channel, you’re missing out if you haven’t subscribed to our favourites as well.

Normally, I don’t write an entry in the blog every time we find a good video, but I’m making an exception for a video we found last night. It is an episode of an old kids program that used to air on TVOntario in the late eighties called, “The Acme School of Stuff” and its nearly eight minutes jam packed with all kinds of subway information (not to mention, video taken on the subway in the late eighties). Everything from how the signals work, to how the subways are operated and maintained. Demonstrations are filmed directly from the subway training facility at Hillcrest. I really couldn’t imagine a more complete snapshot of subways and subway operations, in such a short amount of time.

Here’s the link: The Acme School of Stuff - Subways. If you’re logged into YouTube, please show your appreciation by either adding the video to your favourites, or giving it a 5 star rating. I think I speak for all rail fans when I say simply, that we are grateful when gems like this are dug out of peoples collections and shared with the world.


Speaking of Hillcrest, my wife and I recently attended the Doors Open tour of Harvey Shops in the Hillcrest complex (with video camera), and I’m currently working on a 3-part video series for the channel. Part one is going to be released in the next couple of weeks, if not sooner. Once again I encourage you to subscribe to our channel so that you can always be aware of new additions, however I will always embed new videos in a regular blog entry for everyone else.

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