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Downtown Barrie transit terminal
under construction, July 2 to 11

Starting on Wednesday, July 2 until Friday, July 11, Barrie Transit will relocate some bus stops from the Downtown Barrie Bus Terminal to nearby streets, while it reconstructs platforms 1 to 6 in the terminal.

3The construction affects these routes: 10 Livingstone; 11 Bayfield; 12 Blake; 13 Cundles East; 16 College; 18 St. Vincent; 20 RVH; 30 Yonge, 33 Innisdale; 34 Ardagh; 39 Hurst; 41 Allandale.

34 Ardagh:
11 Bayfield:
16 College:
39 Hurst:
30 Yonge:

Buses stop on Mary Street beside the terminal.

13 Cundles East:
10 Livingstone:
20 RVH (Royal Victoria Hospital):
18 St. Vincent:

Buses stop on Simcoe Street beside the terminal.

41 Allandale:
12 Blake:
33 Innisdale:

Buses stop on Maple Street beside the terminal.

Barrie Transit buses operating on the 28 East Hanmer, 24 Edgehill, 31 Essa and 15 Letitia South routes and GO Transit, Greyhound Canada and Ontario Northland buses continue to stop inside the terminal.

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