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TTC ends Church streetcar detour

Last week we posted information that the TTC was detouring its 503 Kingston Road tripper streetcar route from Church Street “indefinitely”. On Friday, the TTC removed information about the detour from its website, causing some readers to wonder if the streetcars were again operating along their regular route.

Transit Toronto readers have also let us know that the TTC seems to have stopped welding rails along Front Street and storing them on Church Street between King and Front Streets — or at least has postponed the work.

TTC Customer Information confirmed this morning that the streetcars have resumed their regular route, but could not provide reasons why it stopped the work.

A reader tells us that the TTC had problems moving the rails around the Front / Church corner. The City and TTC have removed all orange traffic cones and other tell-tale signs of contruction from Church Street. The TTC did weld quite a few long lengths of rail on Front Street, where they remain.

Members of the Urban Toronto forum have discussed this issue.

Thanks to David S. Crawford for the “heads-up” about the end of the construction and the detour.