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Metronauts Start Grassroots Transit Conversation

We at Transit Toronto have been privileged to help the transit commuter and activist community over the past decade. This website started as the personal playground of two individuals, Aaron and myself, to express our love for transit in Toronto. Since then, with the help of numerous contributors, we have added an extensive history and archive for readers. We have seen the TTC turn its ridership losses around, but continue to struggle with a low funding and political inattention. And we’ve been willing to criticize the Commission when we felt they deserved it (which, unfortunately, they do, far too often).

What we have not been able to do is to turn this website into a network for transit advocates out there to speak out about ways to improve the commission, and we know that these advocates are out there, from the people behind the travel planning site, to the people behind the Toronto Subway Rider Efficiency Guide, to the community that has grown up around Steve Munro’s blog. These activists have helped make the lot of riders in this city easier, and they’ve helped draw political attention to the needs of public transit in Toronto.

In this vein, we invite you now to click over to the site, which made its official debut a few days ago. These people who launched the highly successful Transit Camp last year, hope to build on that success and to connect the community of activists online, to promote “a future of sustainable transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.”

We at Transit Toronto support this initiative, and are working on a cross-post arrangement between this site and Metronauts. Editorials that appear here will also appear on Metronauts, and announcements about Metronauts events, important meetings and calls to action will be reposted here. More importantly, you can comment on the Metronauts’ website. So, if you’ve always wanted to have your say about what needs fixing in the Greater Toronto Area’s transportation picture, now is your chance to join the conversation.

Good luck, Metronauts!