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TTC to decide streetcar contract August 27?

Toronto journalists are speculating about the winner of the TTC’s streetcar contract — and some think it won’t be Bombardier.

On Friday, the Toronto Sun’s Queen’s Park columnist Christina Blizzard wrote about the upcoming decision of the TTC and suggested that the deal may be going to French manufacturer Alstom, rather than Canada’s Bombardier.

The TTC recently opened a request for proposals calling for manufacturers to bid on a contract to build 204 low-floor streetcars. It rejected the bids that it received, including a bid from Bombardier, and decided to negotiate with manufacturers directly.

Although the matter of the streetcar contract does not appear on the Toronto Transit Commission’s agenda (.pdf) for its meeting this Wednesday, August 27, Blizzard quotes the Commission Chair, Councillor Adam Giambrone, who said the Commission would make its decision at the meeting.

You can read Christina Blizzard’s column here.

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