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More items for TTC to discuss

The Toronto Transit Commission’s supplementary agenda (.pdf) for its meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 27 contains more items that would interest Transit Toronto readers.

The items include staff reports about:

  • formally canceling the request for streetcar proposals (You can read the report here (.pdf))
  • proposing a new pricing policy for commuter parking lots and canceling free parking for Metropass holders (Report not available: You can read today’s Toronto Star’s article here.
  • using bio-diesel fuel in buses (You can read the report here (.pdf))
  • presenting the 2009 - 2013 capital program and a ten-year forecast (You can read the report here (.pdf))

The 2009 - 2013 capital program includes a number of big-ticket items, including:

  • buying new streetcars to replace the current fleet and to serve on the new Transit City light rail transit lines.
  • replacing aging subway cars and buses
  • increasing transit system accessiblity
  • extending and replacing the cars for the Scarborough rapid transit line
  • introducing a fare-card system (Presto).