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Free parking, biofuel, new buses -- and that streetcar contract

On Wednesday, the Toronto Transit Commission met for what was arguably one of its longest meetings ever — the session continued until almost 10 p.m.

As Transit Toronto’s August 24 and August 26 posts explained, the Commission faced a jam-packed agenda.

Although the Commission has not yet released the minutes of the meeting, the media and Transit Toronto readers have provided us with some of the details.

The Commission approved:

  • eliminating free parking for Metropass holders at TTC subway station parking lots. Eliminating the free parking may generate $2 to 3 million in revenue annually.
  • no longer using bio-fuel in TTC buses. Eliminating the fuel will save money and only affects older buses that will go out of service within a few years.
  • buying 120 Orion buses. The TTC agreed to fine the manufacturer $100 a day for each bus that it fails to deliver on time.
  • agreeing to meet and discuss the proposed streetcar contract with three manufacturers: Alstom, Bombardier and Siemans. A TTC news release explains more.
  • awarding a contract to Grey Island Systems to start a pilot project to develop and install systems that will allow the TTC to dispay information on when the next streetcar or bus arrives at specific stops.

The TTC will post the official minutes of the meeting here shortly.

Check out Steve Munro’s website for his view of the discussion.

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