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TTC dramatically increases service
to "grow" ridership, November 23

Tomorrow, Sunday, November 23, the TTC will implement a key feature of its Ridership Growth Strategy. It established the strategy five years ago to increase TTC ridership by as much as 100 million passengers through small and affordable measures, including transferable Metropasses and increased service on all service routes.

This Sunday, many routes which the TTC had previously cut back to rush hour service only will now operate whenever the subway is open, at intervals of every thirty minutes or better. This move opens up great swaths of the city and many more residents will be within easy walking distance of a bus stop that sees service between 6 a.m. and 1 a.m. Next year, the TTC hopes to improve the minimum frequency to every twenty minutes or better.

This service change means that most people can expect bus service along most branches of most routes every day until about 1 a.m. It also means that most buses go to the same destination every day until about 1 a.m. Predictability will help to encourage more riders to travel by transit.

Over the past year, the TTC has bought many new buses and hired many more drivers to help it implement these changes. This is probably the first time in many years that the TTC has had the financial resources, equipment and personnel to increase services so dramatically.

Transit advocate Steve Munro has analyzed the changes and provided readers with details of how many new vehicles the TTC has allocated to each route to improve the service. You can read Steve’s analysis and his comments on the service changes on his website. We have borrowed some of Steve’s statistics to describe the changes in these posts.

Since this is an historic service change, we’ve linked the changes to specific routes to areas of the Transit Toronto archives that offer some history of particular routes and services.

In these history documents and throughout these posts, you’ll see many references to February 1996. In that month, the TTC reduced many of its services because the provincial government reduced funding for transit services. This service change restores many of the services that the TTC cut back in 1996.

The service changes are so large that we can’t describe them all in one post. We’re breaking the listing down into several manageable chunks, describing the changes that affect particular areas of the City. The posts detailing the changes will follow.

Part 1 describes changes in western Toronto — the area west of the Humber River.

Part 2 describes changes in northern Toronto — the area north of Highway 401 between the Humber River and Victoria Park Avenue.

Part 3 describes changes in eastern Toronto — the area east of Victoria Park Avenue.

Part 4 describes changes in east - central Toronto — the area south of Highway 401 between Yonge Street and Victoria Park Avenue.

Part 5 describes changes in west - central Toronto — the area south of Highway 401 between Yonge Street and the Humber River.

Part 6 lists the most recent routes that the TTC operates only with buses that carry bike racks.

In making these changes the TTC specifically will: introduce a new route; introduce new branches of current routes; cancel branches of current routes; extend current routes; revise current routes; increase the hours of service along many routes; decrease the hours of service along parts of a few routes; increase the frequency of service along many routes; decrease the frequency of service along parts of a few routes; change a regular route to a seasonal route; and adjust the schedules of current routes.

The changes affect these routes: 3 Scarborough Rapid Transit shuttle bus; 5 Avenue Rd; 6 Bay; 7 Bathurst; 8 Broadview; 9 Bellamy; 10 Van Horne; 11 Bayview; 12 Kingston Road; 14 Glencairn, 15 Evans; 16 McCowan; 17 Birchmount; 20 Cliffside; 21 Brimley; 22 Coxwell; 23 Dawes; 25 Don Mills; 26 Dupont; 28 Davisville; 29 Dufferin, 30 Lambton; 31 Greenwood; 32 Eglinton West; 33 Forest Hill; 34 Eglinton East; 36 Finch West; 37 Islington; 38 Highland Creek; 39 Finch East; 40 Junction; 41 Keele; 42 Cummer; 43 Kennedy; 45 Kipling; 46 Martin Grove; 47 Lansdowne; 48 Rathburn; 49 Bloor West; 50 Burnhamthorpe; 51 Leslie; 52 Lawrence West; 53 Steeles East; 54 Lawrence East; 55 Warren Park; 56 Leaside; 58 Malton; 59 Maple Leaf; 60 Steeles West; 61 Avenue Rd North; 62 Mortimer; 63 Ossington; 64 Main; 65 Parliament; 66 Prince Edward; 67 Pharmacy; 68 Warden; 69 Warden South; 70 O’Connor; 71 Runnymede; 72 Pape; 73 Royal York; 74 Mt Pleasant; 75 Sherbourne; 76 Royal York South; 77 Swansea; 78 St Andrews; 79 Scarlett Rd; 80 Queensway; 82 Rosedale; 83 Jones; 85 Sheppard East; 86 Scarborough; 87 Cosburn; 88 South Leaside; 89 Weston; 91 Woodbine; 92 Woodbine South; 94 Wellesley; 95 York Mills; 96 Wilson; 97 Yonge; 98 Willowdale - Senlac; 102 Markham Rd; 103 Mt Pleasant North; 104 Faywood; 105 Dufferin North; 106 York University; 108 Downsview; 109 Ranee; 110 Islington South; 111 East Mall; 112 West Mall; 113 Danforth; 115 Silver Hills; 116 Morningside; 120 Calvington; 122 Graydon Hall; 123 Shorncliffe; 124 Sunnybrook; 125 Drewry; 126 Christie; 127 Davenport; 129 McCowan North; 130 Middlefield; 131 Nugget; 132 Milner; 133 Neilson; 134 Progress; 135 Gerrard; 161 Rogers Rd; 162 Lawrence - Donway; 165 Weston Rd North; 167 Pharmacy North; 168 Symington; 169 Huntingwood; 171 Mt Dennis; 172 Cherry Street; 190 Scarborough Centre Rocket; 191 Highway 27 Rocket; 196 York University Rocket; 307 Eglinton West (overnight); 311 Islington (overnight); 312 St. Clair (overnight); 316 Ossington (overnight); 319 Wilson; 501 Queen; 504 King; 505 Dundas; 506 Carlton.

this post includes text by James Bow.

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