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Toronto Subway - The Board Game

Subway Board Game

Some time ago, reader Neal Yonson pointed us in the direction of this board game, released in 1994, making a game out of travelling the Toronto subway. The website BoardGameGeek gives Subway Toronto a 7 out of 10 review and it does seem like a lot of fun. From the website:

A race through the underground tunnels of Toronto’s subway system! On the board is a map showing each of the city stations - some are junctions between the different directional lines, and some are terminals at the ends.

Everyone starts at Union Station, with at least 6 destination cards. Hand in destinations that you pass by or land on. If others land on your destination, you may hand in your card OR force them to add another destination from the draw pile!

You move by rolling a special 6-sided die; instead of a 6, it contains the word ‘SUBWAY’ — rolling that allows you to jump to one of YOUR stations. Otherwise, move the number rolled without changing your direction, as that can only change when on a junction station.

As well, many of the stations have a signal on them to follow: amber (pick up another destination), green (usually good, useful cards), or red (frequently bad - adding destination, or flinging you to an end of the board). Adds some chaos to the game, but in a fun way!

Unfortunately the game is no longer available and its publisher, Subway Games International, doesn’t seem to be in business. Neal found his version at a local Salvation Army store, which makes his find even neater, in my opinion. Thanks to Neal for bringing this to our attention.

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