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Bloor - Danforth subway still shut down this morning

Due to the ongoing Toronto Hydro outage, the TTC reports that the 2 Bloor - Danforth subway is not operating between Jane and St. George Stations.

Shuttle buses are replacing subway service.

Commuters should use alternate routes to travel to work today.

(Update: 8:26 a.m., by James Bow): There is still plenty of confusion and overcrowding as the subway remains officially shut down between Jane and St. George stations. The main problem is the lack of AC power supplied by the damaged transformer, which has left the stations in the area without proper lighting, and with emergency lighting on waning battery power. There are unconfirmed reports that DC power, which supplies the power to the trains through the third rail, is unaffected, and trains are operating out-of-service between the affected areas, suggesting that subway service can be quickly restored once power is restored. There are also reports that eastbound service is available from Bathurst and Spadina stations.

Commuters need to leave themselves extra time to get into work today, and they need to consider alternates. Unfortunately, these are somewhat hard to come by. Passengers could head down to the Queensway, Lakeshore Boulevard or Queen Street to try the Queen streetcar, but should expect service there to be crowded and slow. North of Bloor, service on St. Clair is still provided by shuttle buses skipping around the LRT construction, and north of that, the Eglinton bus plods through the middle of the city, catching the subway at Eglinton and Eglinton West stations. It seems that a large amount of patience will be required to get through this day.

Torontoist has been doing an excellent job, covering the blackout minute-to-minute.

(Update: 8:43 a.m., by James Bow): We have reports that power is starting to come back on for residents in the affected area, although it may not be until later today that full power is restored. In the meantime, the TTC is looking at restoring subway service between Jane and Keele.

(Update: 8:45 a.m., by James Bow): Rider reports indicate that service has been restored between Jane and Keele. Shuttle buses are operating between Keele and St. George stations, but offer riders a chance to get off at Bathurst station to catch eastbound trains. (Confirmed by TTC Director of Communications Brad Ross)

506 Carlton streetcars are on diversion in both directions via Dundas and Bathurst due to the blackout. (Update: this has been cleared and the streetcars are back on their normal route)

(Update: 9:49 p.m., by James Bow): With subway service still out between Keele and Bathurst stations, restored service is frustratingly close to a number of streetcar alternates that can take commuters the rest of the way downtown. 505 Dundas and 504 King streetcars are still operating into Dundas West station but are picking up no passengers within the property. People can transfer to these streetcars at the corner of Bloor and Dundas from the shuttle buses, however and, if the shuttle buses are too crowded, one could consider walking from Keele to Dundas.

Also, three blocks south of the Keele-Bloor intersection, down Parkside Drive, 506 Carlton streetcars are operating normally to High Park loop. If you’re trapped at Keele station (and reports indicate that the intersection has been closed to non-TTC traffic due to overcrowding) and have a good set of legs, you might consider a brisk walk to the next available transit service downtown.