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"TTC a barrier to transit plans, Metrolinx says": Toronto Star

Today’s Toronto Star contains a article by transportation reporter Tess Kalinowski outlining a Metrolinx proposal to ask the Province of Ontario to designate Metrolinx a “mega-transit authority.” According to the article, the designation would give Metrolinx the power to decide where local transit agencies may pick up or drop off passengers and which fares passengers will pay when traveling across municipal boundaries.

The article stems from a Metrolinx staff report that originally appeared on the agenda for today’s Metrolinx board of directors meeting. Metrolinx hastily withdrew the report from the agenda because it accused the TTC for not allowing other agencies to pick up passengers inside the City of Toronto, for example along Burnhamthorpe Road, where Mississauga Transit buses could also serve Toronto passengers. It also suggested that the TTC was not committed to cross-municipal fare initiatives such as Presto.

(Note that when Metrolinx withdrew the report, it also withdrew public access to the agenda and its entire website. This is why an earlier Transit Toronto article on the board meeting now contains a broken link to the agenda.)

Read transit advocate Steve Munro’s comments on the Metrolinx report on his website here.

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