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GO builds new parking lot at Markham Station

On Monday, March 9, GO Transit started a project to build a new parking lot at Markham Station.

The new lot on the east side of Main Street will have room for 160 cars. During the project, GO contractors will demolish two buildings on the site, install concrete curbs, storm drainage, signage and lighting, lay asphalt, pave and landscape the lot. GO expects to open the new lot this fall.

GO passengers already use a parking lot at Markham Station with space for 266 vehicles. That lot operates at capacity. Opening the new lot will increase the number of parking spaces at Markham by 60 per cent and offer commuters with a total of 426 spaces.

On February 17, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Dalton McGuinty announced that GO would add more parking space at Markham Station and also start work on several other infrastructure projects in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton.