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GO closes Brampton pedestrian tunnel
for six months, starting April 1

Update — January 7, 2010: The tunnel has re-opened and one of the elevators is in service.

GO Transit is starting a project to rebuild passenger access to Brampton GO Station on Wednesday, April 1. GO expects the project to continue until November.

During the project, GO is closing the current pedestrian tunnel allowing passengers at the Downtown Brampton Transit Terminal to reach GO trains at the station.

On Wednesday, GO staff will set up barricades at both ends of the tunnel and temporarily remove 10 parking spaces. Passengers walking to and from the Downtown Transit Terminal will use the staircase on Main Street, north of Nelson Street to reach or exit the station.

During the project, GO will build a new western passenger tunnel, new south platform and mini-platform, canopies and shelters, install a system to melt snow and ice from the platforms and reconfigure the current (east) tunnel to improve pedestrian and elevator access to both the north and south platforms.

You can read more about the project, including a map showing the temporary pedestrian access to the station here. (.pdf)