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No streetcars west of Sunnyside
this weekend

Some Transit Toronto readers are reporting that work crews are building a new pedestrian crossover at the Queensway and the South Kingsway this weekend.

During the work, the TTC is revising the 301 Queen overnight and 501 Queen streetcar routes.

All streetcars start and end their trips at Sunnyside Loop, just west of Roncesvalles Avenue.

Shuttle buses replace the streetcars west of Sunnyside.

Eastbound buses start their trips at Long Branch Loop and proceed:

eastward along Lake Shore Boulevard West;
northward along Park Lawn Road; and then
eastward along the Queensway to Roncesvalles Avenue.

(During previous occasions that the TTC has offered shuttle bus service west of Sunnyside, the buses have then operated without stopping:

(eastward along King Street West; and then
(northward along Dufferin Street to Queen Street West,
(ending their trips.)

Westbound buses start their trips at Dufferin Street and Queen Street West, then proceed:

westward along Queen and the Queensway;
southward along Park Lawn Road; and then
westward along Lake Shore Boulevard West to Long Branch Loop,
ending their trips.

Buses skip regular streetcar stops at Humber Loop and along Lake Shore Boulevard West between Humber Loop and Park Lawn Road.