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"Ride now, pay later" on Queens Quay this summer

You can get on Queens Quay streetcars for free every summer weekend — you’ll just have to pay when you get off.

509 Harbourfront
510 Spadina

On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from Sunday, May 10 until Labour Day, Monday, September 7, TTC operators are not collecting fares at Harbourfront.

If you’re waiting for an eastbound streetcar on Queens Quay West at Bathurst Street, Dan Leckie Way, Lower Spadina Avenue, Rees Street, Lower Simcoe Street or York Street — or at the northbound platform at Queens Quay Station — you may board streetcars by either the front or centre door. You don’t have to pay a cash or token fare and the operators won’t give you a paper transfer.

Instead, you’ll pay when you leave the underground streetcar loop at Union Station.

If you board streetcars on the two routes at any other stop you’ll have to pay your fare when you enter the cars and the operators will give you paper transfers to prove that you paid your fare when you exit at Union Station.

Always pay your fare when you board streetcars at any stop along the two routes from Monday to Fridays and this Saturday, May 9 only. After Labour Day, you’ll have to pay when you board seven days a week.

The TTC has set up this special process to collect fares along Queens Quay West for many years. It helps speed up boarding during the good weather when many people want to travel by transit to and from the waterfront.