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Construction Begins on Maple GO Parking

Earlier this week, construction started on a project to add over 500 new parking spaces at Maple GO station on the Barrie GO train line. This more than doubles the station’s current allotment of 360 parking spaces. The new spaces are expected to be available later this year.

“GO is expanding parking at this station in three phases,” says Vanessa Thomas, Media Relations & Issues Specialist for GO Transit, “starting with the north side of the existing temporary lot west of the station building. The first phase will add about 270 spaces. The second phase will add about 470 spaces where the temporary lot is located now. The final and third phase will add about 180 more spaces by reconfiguring the existing parking lot and kiss and ride areas.”

The work includes new access road, improved lighting, new curbs and walkways, as well as storm water management, signage, fencing, landscaping and electrical power supply. The majority of the project’s costs are being covered by the province of Ontario.

The construction may have some impact on customers in the early stages, but additional spaces added during phase one and two of construction should already improve the parking situation at Maple’s GO station while contractors work on phase three.