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TTC showcases young artists and performers

The TTC and the City of Toronto are showcasing young artists and performers in subway and rapid transit stations until summer 2010.

With “City on the Move: A Festival of Young Artists in Transit”, the TTC offers another platform — for performers to strut their stuff and artists to display their works — and help the City celebrate its 175th anniversary.

Performers appear in stations and on buses, streetcars and trains. Visual artworks appear in subway and rapid transit stations.

If you’re an artist or performer between 18 and 32 years of age, you can apply to participate in the program. Whether you express yourself through spoken word, dance, music, visual art, installations / sculptures, performance art, theatre — and anything and everything in between — City on the Move is a great opportunity for you to display your creative talents to the public — and get paid for it. Find out how you can participate here. (.pdf)

August schedule.

Update — September 3: September schedule.

Update — October 4: October schedule.

Update — November 9: November schedule.

Update — December 4: December schedule.