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Incident at Coxwell Station shuts down subway service

Update — 9:17 p.m.: The Toronto Star reports that the police are investigating a shooting at the Coxwell Station bus terminal off Strathmore Boulevard. Around 6 p.m. someone fired a single shot outside the terminal, but, fortunately, the shot injured no-one and police have not found a bullet hole.

Police believe the incident results from an attempt to rob someone inside the terminal. The victim may have fled into the subway and the shooters sped off in a car.

The TTC is still suspending subway service through Coxwell Station and buses continue to replace the subways between Woodbine and Greenwood Stations.

The TTC has shut down service along the 2 Bloor - Danforth subway between Woodbine and Greenwood Stations because of an ongoing Toronto Police Service investigation at Coxwell Station.

Shuttle buses are operating along Danforth Avenue between Woodbine and Greenwood.