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Bus detours continue on Finch West

Update — October 2: Buses resume regular service at 6 a.m. on Monday, October 5.

Yesterday, the City of Toronto announced that it would finish repairing the roadway along Finch Avenue West between Dufferin Street and Wilmington Avenue by the end of October.

A large section of the roadway collapsed into a sinkhole on Friday, July 24, forcing all traffic to detour along other roadways. The TTC has been detouring buses operating along the 104 Faywood, 36 Finch West and 309 Finch West overnight routes since the road collapsed. The detours will likely continue at least until Friday, October 30.

The City has started to work on the project and is installing new storm sewers — which will, hopefully, help prevent future sinkholes — before it rebuilds and resurfaces the roadway.

Sinkholes result from water — usually rainwater from a storm — removing the topsoil from the bedrock beneath an asphalt or concrete surface.

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