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(Unofficial) TTC update service up and running again

Click on that link to the left on our home page — the one marked “Unofficial Alerts from Twitter” — to get up-to-the minute information about delays and detours affecting TTC services. Although some alerts arrive from official sources, most of the news comes from people like you — out on the streets, on the streetcars, buses and subways.

ttcupdates offers brief information on unplanned, emergency detours that happen too quickly for us to post on Transit Toronto. (Although we use it a lot as a great resource for preparing our posts on longer-term detours or delays.)

ttcupdates has been off-line because of technical, spam-related issues for about a month — and we’ve been missing it. We’re happy to welcome back ttcupdates and its creator, Brian Gilham, “a 23-year-old journalist, photographer, web developer, and all-around creative kind of guy”.