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"Blanche"-ing out: after the party's over

Update — September 6, 5:45 p.m.: We continue to receive e-mails from readers describing how TTC services didn’t live up to their expectations.

According to commentators responding to an article in Spacing, we now know that 509 cars didn’t operate west of Spadina from about 3 until 5 a.m. because of a power failure.

The party may be over but we’re not quite ready to call it a day.

While most people who attended events during Saturday / Sunday night’s Nuit Blanche this year gave good reviews, some of our readers weren’t entirely happy that transit services didn’t operate exactly as the TTC told us (and, as a result, not exactly as we told you.)

Some of the issues that you let us know us about:

  • only a few buses operating on the 300 Bloor - Danforth and 320 Yonge overnight routes started and ended their trips at the all-night subway terminals — Eglinton, Keele and Woodbine Stations. Most buses operated along their regular routes, which meant that sometimes buses were already full when they arrived at the end of the subway lines. Some reported long lines at Eglinton Station and buses packed buses arriving with only a few passengers able to board.
  • although some of you reported that 509 Harbourfront streetcars did operate frequently earlier in the night, later on, the service seemed to disappear. That stranded would-be passengers who wanted to travel to the Liberty Village area, and, in some cases, those people gave up and went home.
  • TTC staff at Exhibition Loop and Union Station did not have information about why the 509 cars weren’t operating.
  • While 509 Harbourfront cars weren’t running, cars were operating on routes that weren’t supposed to, including 504 King and 510 Spadina.
  • Service wasn’t as frequent on other downtown “Blue Night Network” (.pdf) routes as passengers expected, often frustrating people returning home late in the night (or early in the morning.)
  • Buses and streetcars on some regular routes were already at rush-hour capacity at 10 p.m. on Saturday.
  • While we heard mostly from people that attended the events, we also heard from people who regularly use transit late at night to go to work. They wondered why the TTC didn’t post information at their regular stops a few days before to let them know what to expect on Saturday.