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501 Queen passengers can now ride around the loops
at Parliament / Broadview and Shaw / Dufferin

According to Steve Munro, the TTC has now asked its operators to let passengers ride to any stops along the loops during the five-week trial of splitting the 501 Queen streetcar service into two routes.

The drivers are supposed to advise passengers that the cars are turning and may also lay over — or pause — along the loop, before resuming regular service in the opposite direction along Queen.

Eastbound streetcars operating along the temporary west-end route turn off Queen Street East at Parliament Street, then proceed:

northward along Parliament;
eastward along Dundas Street East; and then
southward along Broadview Avenue to Queen East.

(The cars likely serve regular northbound 65 Parliament stops at Shuter Street and Dundas Street East, regular eastbound 505 Dundas stops at Sackville, Sumach, River and Munro Streets and Broadview Avenue and the regular southbound 504 King stop on Broadview Avenue at Queen Street East.)

The cars then return to regular service westward along Queen Streets East and West, the Queensway and Lake Shore Boulevard West to Humber or Long Branch Loops.

Westbound cars operating along the temporary east-end route turn off Queen Street West at Shaw Street, then proceed:

southward along Shaw;
westward along King Street West; and then
northward along Dufferin Street to Queen West.

(The cars likely serve regular southbound 63 Ossington stops at Queen and Adelaide Streets West, the regular westbound 504 King stops at Sudbury Street, opposite Jefferson Avenue, at Joe Shuster Way and Dufferin Street and regular northbound 29 Dufferin stops opposite Melbourne Street and at Queen Street West.)

The cars then return to regular service eastward along Queen Streets West and East to Neville Park Loop.

Since the start of this trial, on Monday, October 19, drivers have been asking passengers to exit streetcars at Queen Street East and Parliament Street and at Queen Street West and Shaw Street. This has resulted in unnecessary confusion for passengers wanting to travel to stops along the loops and also in large crowds waiting to transfer at Shaw and Parliament Streets.