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Transit City begins: GO closes part of parking lot at Agincourt Station for Sheppard East LRT construction

On Sunday, October 11, GO Transit closed part of its south parking lot at Agincourt GO Station to allow City of Toronto and TTC contractors to start building early stages of the Sheppard East light rail Transit City line.

The City and TTC must build a grade separation — a bridge — to carry the Canadian National Railway’s Uxbridge Subdivision tracks across Sheppard Avenue East south of the station before they can operate light rail transit vehicles along Sheppard. (GO trains serving the 71 Stouffville line operate along the Uxbridge Subdivision.)

Before they start work on the bridge, the City and TTC must build a detour road to carry traffic along Sheppard Avenue East during the construction. They are building the detour through the south end of the GO station parking lot and then across the tracks. They are also:

  • widening the west entrance into the parking lot;
  • closing the east entrance into the parking lot;
  • demolishing a commercial building east of the GO station.

During the project, GO is allowing passengers to gain access to the station building, the north parking lot and the remaining spaces in the south lot.