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TTC to raise fares in 2010?

TTC staff have proposed increasing fares in 2010 as part of the TTC’s operating budget. If the Toronto Transit Commission approve the staff recommendations, the TTC will raise fares on Sunday, January 3, 2010. The TTC last raised fares in 2007.

The TTC’s proposed 2010 operating budget is $1.4 billion. The TTC derives about 70 percent of its revenue from fares.The City of Toronto and revenue that the TTC generates from advertising commuter parking and other sources subsidize the balance of its operating dollars.

Staff propose increasing adult fares by 25 cents while tokens cost $2.50 each. Student and senior fares increase by 15 cents and children’s fares increase by 5 cents.

The TTC is also proposing to raise the cost of its passes. The TTC bases the price of a Metropass on the number of trips that passholders use each month. TTC staff is recommending increasing that trip rate from its current 48 to 50 trips.

If the Commission approves the proposed fare increase, the TTC will generate $62 million more in revenue in 2010. It will be able to preserve service levels for 2010 and maintain them at 2009 levels.