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TTC limits the number of tokens you can buy

Last week, the TTC started limiting the number of fare tokens that you can buy. Now you can only buy ten tokens at a time at collector booths in rapid transit stations and one at a time at token vending machines at automatic entrances where no collector is on duty.

TTC staff expect that the Toronto Transit Commission will approve a recent recommendation to raise the cost of tokens at its meeting next Tuesday, November 17. Usually, news that the TTC is increasing fares encourages passengers to buy and hoard large numbers of tokens at the lower cost. By limiting the number of tokens you can buy, staff hope to make sure that enough tokens are available for everyone who uses them to pay their fares.

If the Commissioners approve the staff recommendation to raise fares, the cost for adults to ride the TTC would increase by 25 cents, for students and seniors by 15 cents and for children by 5 cents. Raising fares will gain the TTC $62 million more revenue in 2010. It will also be able to preserve service levels for 2010 and maintain them at 2009 levels. The fares would increase on Sunday, January 3, 2010.